Acibadem Sistina team educated about male health


Acibadem Sistina Hospital joined this year’s global humanitarian campaign “Movember”, a month dedicated to male health. To this end and as a socially responsible company, the hospital formed an education team in November, aiming to raise awareness among men about their health and the necessity of preventive examinations as well. The educational team including Dr. Daniel Petrovski, a specialist surgeon in urology, Aleksandar Stojkovski, a medical technician for prevention of intrahospital infections, Androniki Bibovska, an educational nurse, and Vlatko Ilieski, a physiotherapist, held educational workshops for men at various age. The experts team met with “Tigers”, the Special Unit of the Ministry of Interior, as well as with the staff of Synergy Fitness & Spa Sports Center and the employees of Olympia Motors.

Dr. Daniel Petrovski talked at the workshops how to perform the examination and self-examination of the penis and testicles, explained the normal function of male reproductive organs and their disorders, gave advice on regular follow-up examinations by the family doctor, control tests of PSA (tumor-markers for cancer of prostate) after 45 years of age, safe sex life and coping with the physiological and psychological problems.

Educational workshops also address to the significance of regular blood pressure controls, coping with the lifestyle and day-to-day commitments, and relation to the heart problems. The expert team of Acibadem Sistina emphasized that bad lifestyle habits, such as alcohol, cigarettes and stress, have a negative impact on the health. The recommendations include practicing more sports. As for the diet, using supplements sometimes could be dangerous if it is without adequate control while using hormones such as testosterone could impair the health. The proper use of supplements, depending on the lifestyle and the individual needs was explained to the attendees.