Spread over an area of ​​1,130 square meters, equipped with modern doctor’s offices and physical therapy equipment, fitness gym with the most modern machines, aerobics gyms, Pilates, yoga, nutrition counselling office, steam bath, Finnish sauna and two VIP massage rooms, the Premium Physical Therapy & Sport Center has opened its doors to visitors within Acibadem Sistina Hospital.

It is the most modern and state-of-the-art center for healthy living in the country, providing complete integrated care for healthy living at one place – physical medicine and rehabilitation, nutrition and dietology, functional fitness, Pilates Mat, Reformer and Cadillac, aerobics and kick-fit aerobics, yoga, all kinds of massages, steam bath and Finnish sauna, and it employs a proven team of doctors, physiotherapists, sports medicine doctors, nutritionists, professional trainers and certified instructors with many years of experience behind them. Prices for all services offered at the Premum Center starting from physical therapy and nutrition to exercise packages are affordable and competitive, while clients get upmost and professional services by a professional and experienced team at the most modernly equipped gym.

COVID – safe by all safety protocols

Premium Physical Therapy & Sport Center operates by strict COVID protocols. It is located on the ground floor, has natural ventilation, it is completely separated from the hospital and practices regular disinfection of the entire facility and the exercise equipment, set at a safe distance, while the number of visitors at the gyms is limited to a maximum of 15 people.

Our efforts for a healthy living have been recognized by many prominent athletes who have left a lasting earmark in the Macedonian sports – Kire Lazarov, the best handball player of all time and selector of the men’s handball team, Pero Antic, the current president of the Basketball Federation of Macedonia and former outstanding basketball player, Goran Pandev, one of the best Macedonian football players and current captain of the football national team of Macedonia, Gordana Naceva, the former captain of the women’s handball team and goalkeeper, as well as Shaban Trstena, the former freestyle wrestler and Olympic champion.

It is our great honor that such top athletes who have made our country proud many times are our brand ambassadors. Regarding their achievements in sports they will be rewarded portraits at the Premium Physical Therapy & Sport Center.

Physical Therapy Center with a unique hydro treadmill in the country

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center, located on an area of ​​about 300 square meters, is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, rooms for rehabilitation therapy and it offers the opportunity for prevention and treatment of all sports injuries, pathologic conditions and diseases, including individual treatment plans and exercises. It is the only center in Macedonia that provide underwater hydro treadmill for hydrotherapy. Hydro treadmill is great for starting physical activity in people who want to lose weight or have pain in the back and joints, spine and for the treatment of fractures and other traumatic injuries. Advantages of the underwater hydro treadmill are elimination of Earth’s gravity, reduced pressure on the joints and strengthening the muscles. Hydro treadmill is used in rehabilitation of fractures and surgical interventions of herniated discs, but it is increasingly used as a preparation in the training processes for professional and amateur athletes. Many athletes, including Stojance Stoilov, the handball national team member, for years have had successful rehabilitation and preparations to return to the field exactly at the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center.

In addition, physical therapy and rehabilitation provide the opportunity to treat patients who, regardless of the reason, are not allowed to take medication or undergo surgery, patients with chronic diseases or patients with limited or lost motor functions. It is also applied in the postoperative treatment for the purpose of restoring normal physiological functions or when there is a risk of disease progression. Physical therapy is applied as a treatment of dysfunctions in rheumatic diseases, postoperative early cardiac rehabilitation, rehabilitation in neurological diseases and treatment of degenerative diseases of the entire musculoskeletal system. The Physical Therapy Center includes two most modernly equipped VIP massage rooms and offers sports, medical and relaxation massages performed by leading physiotherapists. Additionally, the Premium Center for Healthy Living has at its disposal a steam bath and a Finnish sauna, while integrative medical services – myofascial relaxation massage, electro-acupuncture, laser acupuncture, chiropractic, dry needling, sujok therapy and trigger points treatment are available to visitors.

Upmost equipped fitness gym

On an area of ​​over 500 square meters, one of the largest fitness centers in the country provides over 40 exercise machines from the world famous brand Technogym – Technogym Excite Cardio Machines (treadmills, elliptical machines, steppers, vario fitness machines, bicycles – Skill Bike, Skill Row, Skill Mill), Technogym Skill Tools (over 20 machines and equipment for functional training), fully equipped section for functional fitness and strength training (monkey bars, TRX suspension trainer, battle ropes, Bulgarian bags, power bag, slam ball, medicine ball, wall ball, kettlebell, jump box), as well as Nordic skiing simulator (Concept 2 Ski erg). Before starting to exercise, each visitor performs a physical examination and InBody scan (detailed display of the whole body) to determine the level of current physiological readiness in order to start the training process, and further to evaluate the physical activity results. In addition, each client undergoes a basic cardiac examination and performs a laboratory blood test. Fitness and all other trainings are performed by experienced and certified trainers with over 10 years of experience behind them. The Center also has special machines for Pilates Reformer and Pilates Cadillac, as well as for kick-fit aerobics. The Center offers the opportunity for both individual trainings and trainings with your own personal trainer. The trainings can be monitored by physiotherapists, physiatrists and nutritionists, thanks to the fully integrated approach provided by the Premium Physical Therapy & Sport Center.

The Center for Healthy Living offers healthy living packages for its clients as well, including usage of the Sports Center, the steam bath and the sauna, and the price is determined depending on the period of the day when the client will visit the Center, i.e. whether it will be in the peak period from 6 am to 10 am and from 4 pm to 10 pm, or in the period from 10 am to 4 pm. Gold Annual Package with 150 trainings in the Sport Center in the peak periods and 150 visits to steam bath and Finnish sauna, nutrition and cardiac examination, laboratory tests, InBody monthly screening and monthly diet plan costs 1,200 euros, while the semi-annual package with the same services, 75 trainings and the same number of visits to steam bath and Finnish sauna is 700 euros. Silver Annual and Semi-annual Package, that refer to training out of the peak periods, i.e. from 10 am to 4 pm, cost 800 and 450 euros, and these packages do not include laboratory tests and cardiac examination. Each visitor to the Premium Sport Center gets a VIP Golden or VIP Silver Card and gains many additional benefits. The Golden Card includes 10% discount on healthcare services at Acibadem Sistina Hospital, a single room for hospital services, 10% discount at the SushiCo Restaurant, discount of up to 10% on all massages, kick-fit, group training and physical therapies at the Center. The Silver card provides 5% discount on healthcare services at Acibadem Sistina Hospital, 5% discount at SushiCo Restaurant and 5% discount on all massages, kick-fit, group training and physical therapies at the Center. There is an opportunity to cover semi-annual or annual package at Premium Physical Therapy & Sport Center with the Mediplus Loan of Stopanska banka a.d. Bitola, that besides being intended for interest-free lending of all medical services at Acibadem Sistina Hospital, it can be completely intended for the services offered by Premium Physical Therapy & Sport Center. If the funds are specifically intended for the services of Premium Physical Therapy & Sport Center, the maximum loan amount that can be taken is up to 1,200 euros with interest of 0%.

In the direction of health protection and preventing the spread of Covid-19, the number of visitors is limited to 15 people with the recommended distance between them. In addition, constant ventilation of the premises (every 90 minutes) and disinfection of the entire facility is practiced, and all professional trainers and staff of the Center constantly wear protective masks. Complying with the regulations, visitors to Acibadem Sistina Premium Physical Therapy & Sport Center should wear medical protective masks as well. Free parking space just before the entrance of the Premium Center is provided for all service users.

The most modern nutrition and dietology

Within the Premum Center there is also the Department of Dietology and Nutrition, offering an integrated approach in the prevention and treatment of all health conditions and diseases where lifestyle and dietary changes are part of the therapy. Dietology offices are equipped with the most modern diagnostic equipment and all necessary anthropometric, biochemical and physiological analyzes and measurements can be performed in order to determine the health condition and the nutritional status. The standard examination and the obtained test results lead to appropriate dietary correction and dietary supplement adaptation plus the necessary lifestyle change is indicated. The Center for Healthy Living employs highly qualified and experienced nutritionists who offer individual diet plans in cases of overweight, diet for the athletes, diet in pregnancy and lactation, diet in menopause and andropause, diet for the elderly, diet for gluten and lactose intolerance and diet in puberty and adolescence.