Recently, a number of cases have been presented to the public about a successful treatment of Covid-19 patients by applying hemofiltration at another private hospital; they have caused reactions, questions and justified interest in the real effectiveness of this experimental treatment in patients suffering from Covid-19.

In this relation and on behalf of the Acibadem Group, the complete professional team of Acibadem Sistina Hospital, all renowned, established specialists in their fields and as a hospital always providing the best healthcare and perfect treatment for its patients, we have a responsibility to address transparently to the public.

So far there is no recommended treatment concept worldwide for patients suffering from Covid-19 that includes the hemofiltration. Upon thoroughly research on this topic, we did not find any expert, professional opinion or evidence that hemofiltration treatment is a recommended or effective method for general use, much less it is medically proven and justified.

We asked for an expert opinion by currently the most relevant institution and the expert team of the Clinic of Infectious Diseases as well, and get an answer that our findings correspond to the opinion by the expert team of infectologists – it is a treatment with no scientific background as Covid-19 therapy.

On behalf of the entire medical team of Acibadem Sistina Hospital, we addressed the Ministry of Health with a question – whether this type of experimental treatment has been authorized by the Ministry of Health for treatment of Covid-19 patients, but we did not receive any response.

Patients admitted for another intervention but diagnosed with Covid-19 at Acibadem Sistina Hospital are treated by all protocols and recommendations of the World Health Organization for healthcare of the virus-infected patients.

Since there are no justified evidence about using and effectiveness of this method, already actively applied at another private hospital and charged EUR 12,000, we as a highly renowned healthcare institution always providing the highest quality treatment of patients decide not to offer unauthorized and untested treatment for our patients.

If this type of treatment has been a proven therapy for Covid-19 patients, we believe the world would not be facing tens of thousands victims every day.

Acibadem Sistina Hospital has the most advanced hemofiltration equipment, filters from Fresenius, the best manufacturer worldwide, and highly trained, expert team ready to be actively involved in this process and make it available to a wide range of patients, but only if this treatment obtain a medical confirmation and justification and if it becomes recommended by relevant institutions as a suitable and effective method for treating Covid-19 patients.