A Step to Perfection in Patient Care – Acibadem Sistina Hospital Reaccredited by the Prestigious JCI


In 2016, Acibadem Sistina Hospital was the first hospital in the country to receive the prestigious Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation. The Hospital was reaccredited this year, reaffirming once again that it has been operating in compliance with world standards. The gold seal is a proof that the patients at Acibadem Sistina Hospital receive high-quality, highly professional and effective healthcare. The patients at Acibadem Sistina Hospital receive safe services throughout the entire treatment process, from admission to diagnosis, treatment and further rehabilitation.

Prof. Dr. Ljupcho Lekovski, the hospital’s medical director, explained that this is a continuous process of constant improvement of the hospital services.

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“It is my special honour and pleasure today to announce that the Acibadem Sistina Hospital has undergone a successful reaccreditation process by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and has again been awarded the gold seal that guarantees safety and security for patients and employees. From October 14 to October 18, a commission from JCI was conducting an audit in our hospital, which was successfully completed. We proved that our hospital is working in compliance with the strict standards and principles of JCI, which guarantee safety of our patients and safe medical practice and medical evidence-based procedures”, said Prof. Dr. Lekovski.

The benefits of the JCI standards are not only felt by the patients but also by the hospital employees. They mean greater job security and fewer medical errors for the medical staff. The JCI standards are practically a step towards excellence in patient care and the end result is safe and secure healthcare.

“The Auditors from Joint Commission International have once again confirmed that our hospital has met all the criteria and has once again received the golden seal. The benefits that patients receive with this reaccreditation are safe and high-quality healthcare that is based on procedures, evidence, unified clinical practice, a culture of safety that applies not only to employees but also to patients and their families, and leadership that is always ready to meet the criteria for safe and high-quality healthcare”, said Milena Budjarovska from the Acibadem Sistina Hospital Quality Department.

Joint Commission International is the most prestigious hospital accreditation in the world, due to its strict standards that focus on areas that directly affect patient care and treatment. The JCI accreditation program covers the entire process from the entering of the patient in the hospital, to his treatment and leaving the hospital. It is a non-profit, non-governmental agency based in Chicago, Illinois (USA). Joint Commission International works to improve the quality and safety of the medical services of healthcare organizations through education and accreditation. The Joint Commission has accredited nearly 20,000 healthcare organizations in the United States, including hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare institutions. Since 1997, Joint Commission has expanded its mission throughout the world with the foundation of Joint Commission International. Through international accreditations, consultations, publications and education, JCI helps improve the quality of healthcare services in many countries. So far, JCI has accredited private and public healthcare institutions in more than 100 countries around the world.