The surgical procedure known as Holmium Laser Enucleation of the prostate is a minimally invasive treatment for an enlarged prostate. During this procedure, a high-energy lasers are used to remove the tissue from the prostate that blocks the urine flow through the urethra. Then a separate instrument and equipment are used to cut the prostate tissue (morcellation) into fragments that are easy to remove. The HoLep method enables to remove the entire prostate that can block the urine flow, but this method is an option as well for a surgery of extremely enlarged prostates. The effect is the same as in open surgery, but the advantage is that it does not require any incisions. This intervention provides a permanent solution for the enlarged prostate – a condition also known as BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia). In addition, a tissue preservation and possibility for a histopathological analysis are provided with this intervention. The advantages of this intervention are many, and besides performing it with a laser and no incisions, it also provides faster recovery and relief of the symptoms, compared to any other known surgical procedure for removal of a benign prostate.

Acibadem Sistina Hospital as the One and Only Hospital in the Country and the Region that Performs this Intervention

The first ten procedures of laser enucleation of the prostate – an intervention that is being performed in the country and this region only at the Department of Urology within Acibadem Sistina Hospital – were performed after a reasonable period of training the medical team and completing the equipment, including educations at renowned training centers for the doctors and the scrub nurses. These complicated interventions were performed by the following specialists in urology, leaders in their specialty: Zoran Krstanoski, MD, Prof. Sotir Stavridis, MD, PhD, Aleksandar Mickovski, MD, and Vladimir Lozanovski, MD.

CYBER HO – The Gold Standard for Enlarged Prostate Interventions

Cyber Ho is a high-energy laser that offers an option for successful surgery of prostate of different dimensions since this type of lasers can perform a vaporization – an option designed to eliminate more tissue in a unit of time, with simultaneous bleeding control. Enlarged prostates are removed with this laser as well using the HoLep method – the new gold standard for treatment of benign enlarged prostates. These two methods improve the outcome in the treatment of the benign prostate enlargement, shorten the operative time, reduce the level of complications, shorten the hospital stay, and the need for blood transfusion. These procedures are especially useful because they can be performed in elderly patients without discontinuing the anticoagulant therapy.