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Over 100,000 surgeries, 700,000 performed examinations, over 16,500 newborn babies and children’s smiles have marked the decade behind us, with over 550,000 patients who have entrusted their health into our hands. Acibadem Sistina Hospital celebrates its 10th anniversary. Deservedly we have been the leader in the regional healthcare sector for a decade.

Our success story began on the World Health Day, April 7, when Acibadem Sistina became the first private clinical hospital in the country and since then it has set new standards in the healthcare consistently providing prime patient care, the most advanced treatment protocols and application of the most sophisticated medical technology.

All challenges and accomplishments that Acibadem Sistina has achieved in the medical world over the last 10 years are proof of our decisive commitment to patients and the unique talent and effort by each member of our team. Following the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and personal responsibility, we have proven that we are worthy the trust that our patients have in us. We are firmly convinced that in the years ahead this double-digit number we are celebrating today will bring double achievements as well.

10 years ago, when it joined Acibadem, the largest hospital group in the Southeast Europe, Sistina was the first hospital member of the healthcare giant outside Turkey. Just a year later, Acibadem Sistina Hospital saw another success, becoming part of the second largest hospital chain – the Malaysian IHH Group. Joining this group implies raising the treatment standards and implementing the latest technologies and all methods in the medical therapy.

In addition to being the largest and most modern private hospital in the country and the region, Acibadem Sistina is the first hospital in Macedonia accredited by the prestigious Joint Commission International in 2016 and re-accredited in 2019, confirming the quality and continuous safe and prime medical care for patients.

A number of accreditations and recognitions have been made over the last 10 years. Diagnostic Laboratories at Acibadem Sistina Hospital are the first and only laboratories in the country with simultaneously accredited histopathological, microbiological and biochemical methods by ISO standards. Moreover, the hospital has a UNICEF certificate as Baby Friendly Hospital and is included in the list of eco-hospitals that recycle their waste, contributing to a cleaner environment.

Nearly 1,000 employees, including 180 leading and eminent doctors, take care of our patients’ health on a daily basis. In the years behind us, the hospital has had many innovations that presented revolutionary achievements not only in our operating as a hospital but also in the entire healthcare system activities. For the first time, a gender reassignment surgery was performed, the first total artificial heart in the country was implanted, and the first in vitro baby was conceived.

The advanced technological capacities of the hospital provide the most accurate diagnosis and treatment of all diseases. More than € 40 millions have been invested for providing all departments with highly sophisticated medical equipment of the latest achievements in the medicine. The hospital has at its disposal a Trilogy linear accelerator, MRI 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging scanner, computed tomography CT 128 SLICE, Spect gamma camera, PET/CT scan as well as other state-of-the-art technologies by world-renowned manufacturers that allow high precision and safety in performing surgical procedures.

120m Euros have been invested regionally in five hospitals.

This jubilee year we are proud that our hospital is expanding its facilities again and it will have a new department of pediatrics, including a department of pediatric cardiac surgery. By introducing new technologies and procedures and implementing revolutionary treatments in the years to come, we will prove that top-quality patient care remains our priority.

Celebrating a decade of existence today we are renewing the promise that we have fulfilled in the last years succeeding to make “Acibadem Sistina” an institution as it is. A place where our patients get a complete care. A place where they feel safe, while the empathy and sensitivity they are treated with inspires hope in them. And most important of all, a place that has proven that only life matters. Have a happy 10th birthday “Acibadem Sistina”!