A child’s smile is the best gift


Optimism, sincere smile and positive energy are quite sufficient to win children’s hearts. Jasmina Rusmir, who has been a nurse for over 20 years, knows this best. Children at the Pediatrics Department adore her and parents are grateful for her dedication and professionalism.

“Children are part of my everyday life. While taking care of them, the parents are my ally. I sympathize with their problem and rejoice in their success”, explains Jasmina.

Why did you decide to work at the Pediatrics Department at Acibadem Sistina Hospital?

I have been working at Acibadem Sistina Hospital for two years and I have a previous 20 years experience at the Pediatric Clinic. I have always heard a lot of words of praise for Acibadem Sistina, including the fact that it employs only the best. It was a challenge to come to work with the best and be the best. Of course, I have to mention the ideal working conditions as one of the key factors for success.

Does working with children fulfill you?

As a person who has two professions, a nurse and a social worker, I can say they are both undoubtedly connected by a common thread which is a person who helps others. The love of children was crucial for me to choose Pediatrics. This is a profession which embodies your individual qualities, abilities and character. Children notice these characteristics and very often thank me with a wonderful drawing, beautiful song, smile or a hug and a kiss. There is no greater gift in the world than the one given by child.

How is working with children different from working with adults?

Children are one of most unpredictable and most specific category of patients. Each of them has its own character who requires attention. The first contact is always very important. The smile and handshake are the most powerful weapon. When you meet a deaf-mute person – welcome him with a SMILE. He will realize that sounds are not necessary. When you meet a blind person – squeeze his hand and say HELLO – he will see the light of day with your eyes.

How do you react to positive comments that you receive from parents very often?

It’s hard to gain the trust of a parent whose child is sick. This is why we are here, offering our professionalism and wholehearted attention, understanding and love. Of course, the satisfaction of the parents matters to us. Great appreciation expressed in words or written in the questionnaires is of great importance which motivates all of us to be better.

Children are part of my everyday life. While taking care of them, the parents are my ally. I sympathize with their problem and rejoice in their success.

Regarding her working environment and colleagues, Jasmina explains that she is part of the most professional team that everyone would like to work with.

“A good team and positive energy are the two things that guarantee successful results. We have excellent communication, understanding and cooperation. The beautiful surroundings of the Pediatrics Department are an additional benefit. It is my honor and pleasure to be part of this team,” explains Jasmina.