Cigarettes kill the masculinity, visit the doctor preventively

Awareness about the male health in the male population is increasing by 15 percent annually, says urologist Daniel Petrovski of Acibadem Sistina Hospital. However, the doctor appeals to the young, but also men of all ages, to come often and preventively for examinations, since in cases where the disease is detected early it can be cured 100%. November is the month of male health associated with “Movember”, the famous event when men grow mustaches in order to increase awareness about the dangers of diseases to the testicles, the bladder and the prostate. These health issues are more often discussed this month although Dr. Petrovski says that timely detection is crucial in the treatment.

“For several years already, we have been insisting on this month of male health. It should not be just this month; every time is good to remember the need for an examination. Of course, all citizens, young and elderly men should visit the doctor preventively. If they notice any symptoms, they should not keep silent but ask for help. In case of symptoms like pain, elevated temperature, urination problems, they should report to a doctor, their family doctor or an urologist, to determine what it is about”, adds Dr. Petrovski.

He emphasizes that awareness about the male health increases for 10 to 15 per cent in the last years. He claims that there is a certain percentage of patients who report to the doctor very late, but the number of these cases, albeit slowly, is decreasing.

The so-called male diseases occur in the younger men as well. At the time of puberty, the doctor advises, care should be taken about development and any change to the testicles. The most common disease is a testicle tumor, but often the patient does not come to the doctor on time because of embarrassment, that is, because the young man did not tell his parents on time that he had a problem.

In the elderly population it is a matter of prostate diseases.

“The young men are more aware and they come to the doctor immediately. However, when it comes to testicular cancer in the younger population, there are cases when patients are ashamed and do not indicate they have a problem, so the tumor grows in several centimeters. In the elderly, the most common diseases are prostate cancer and bladder cancer. In terms of symptoms, care should be taken. If bloody urine appears, they should report to a doctor immediately”, says Dr. Petrovski.

According to the urologist, studies have shown that cigarettes kill the masculinity, but also create serious tumors, especially of the bladder. Nicotine is considered as the main cause.

Tumor markers tests are performed to detect a prostate carcinoma. If blood range of PSA tumor marker is higher than the normal one, it is immediately accessed by additional examinations. Urologist Petrovski notes that the most risky are men who are in touch with chemicals, gasoline, oil, employees in the leather industry and men with similar professions.


“Movember” event has already grown into a global humanitarian action, whose initiative includes raising public awareness about male health. Acibadem Sistina Hospital has formed an educational team during November for the purpose of holding educational workshops for men at different ages, which would raise the awareness and improve their health. A team of experts had meetings with the “Tigers”, Special Unit of the Ministry of Interior, as well as with the employees of the Synergy Fitness & Spa Sports Center and the employees of Olympia Motors. The main message sent at these workshops is that regular examinations and education could save one’s life!