Considering the great interest, the promotional discount of 50% of the prices for MRI scans for the patients at Acibadem Sistina Hospital will be available again. Starting from the 5th of May, the discount will be valid every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and during holidays. Rapid and accurate diagnosis of all diseases, high quality and resolution images, and comfort for the patients are the main advantages of the 1.5 Tesla MRI.

The Magnetic Resonance Imaging is the most modern diagnostic device that provides a precise scan of the soft tissues and in certain conditions of the skeletal system as well. In the modern medicine, it is used for diagnosing a large number of changes in the human body. 1.5 Tesla MRI produces thousands of images in just a few minutes that evaluates the organs’ and tissues’ function. The device is used for examination of the brain (plain and post-contrast examinations), arteriography for description of the brain and neck blood vessels, examinations of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine (plain and post-contrast examination), the abdomen, the musculoskeletal system, and the mediastinum.

Due to the fact that the early diagnosis is crucial for successful treatment of all diseases, this type of examinations are necessary.

During scanning, 1.5 Tesla MRI does not use ionizing radiation, it is a method that uses a magnetic field in the image creation process. Thus there are no harmful effects for the patient and their health. For more detailed information and to make an appointment you can call: 02 30 99 500.