14th issue of the magazine


14th issue of the magazine “Acibadem Sistina Plus”

We are very pleased to inform you that new edition of the magazine “Acibadem Sistina Plus” came out. We have dedicated the number “14” to the male’s health. You’ll encounter many medical topics and tips, life stories of people who entrusted their health to us, i.e., in short, we have created another magazine that contains articles intended for the whole family.

The 84 pages of the summer issue will include the following articles
-Top five medical check-ups for Men
-Prostate – “painful” issue for every adult man
-Andrea Lekic “I want to win and fight to the end”
-With age, teeth change as well
-Водич за сигурна и безбедна бременост по 35. година
-Healthy skin vs. tanned skin
-Your little one has a food allergy
-The power of seawater

The patients at “Acibadem Sistina” shared their experience with you.

The magazine will be distributed free of charge, added to the daily newspapers, throughout the country. However, you can get one, free of charge at hospital’s premises.

Let “Acibadem Sistina Plus” be your summer guide. Enjoy!